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Bakery Bread Box


Packaging Design

For my Packaging Design studio, we could re-design any type of packaging. I decided to focus on environmental sustainability and cultural values. When deciding what product to package, I thought of all the unnecessary products we buy; bread is important to everyone, and it is a staple of the family home all around the world.

Inspired by Japanese design, I incorporated a hint of origami with the folding base of the box, and the box is essentially inside-out with the intricate design on the inside. The box is made of chipboard and compostable clear film, so it is 100% compostable. Another component of sustainability is that you can buy bread in this box and then bring it back to the bakery to fill with more loaves until you need to compost it and buy a new one.

I became interested in how bread is a staple in different cultures, so the inside of the boxes show different cultural stories. My bakery would sell a variety of baked goods from around the world. A personal touch is that the breads I focused most on are Sourdough, which represents my home state of California, and Pan de Sal, which is a traditional Filipino bread that my Filipino grandmother always has when we see her.

I fabricated the boxes by designing in Adobe Illustrator, cutting with a laser cutter, and printing with my school's brand new UV printer. The names of the breads on the insides of the boxes are embossed with the UV printer (the text is raised slightly).


K&L bakery is a tribute to my younger sister, who loves baking bread. She actually baked the loaf featured in the Sourdough box over Thanksgiving break, and I brought it from California to Michigan and froze it until the photoshoot!

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