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Contraception Opposing Climate Change (COCC)


Discursive Design

See satirical sex ed video:

See full PDF of project linked below!

This is a speculative design project provoking discourse around the question: what if the conversation around pregnancy and contraception was centered around environmental issues? There are product mockups in this advertisement, as well as a satirical sex ed video that explains the products. This project is NOT telling people to outright stop having babies, but rather to use satire to spark reflection about how our individual actions affect climate change.


Earth is projected to reach 9 billion people, which we don’t have enough resources to sustain. Although population growth is mostly an issue in the developing world, individuals in industrialized countries have higher impacts on climate change, which affects more vulnerable people. My environment class talked about Thanos in the Marvel Avengers franchise, who essentially killed half the population due to the lack of resources. Although this is an extreme solution and it’s not marketed as an environmental movie, it should be noted that Marvel is producing these movies during this critical time in the climate crisis where we, an influential and industrial country, need to decide how to change our behavior and resource use. Instead of killing half the population to mitigate climate change, how can we humanely decrease the global population?

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