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Food Wrapper Coasters


Packaging Design

For my Packaging Design studio, one project was to make and package coasters. Since I was already thinking about sustainable packaging for another project in the class, I decided to use my coasters to highlight these candy, chip, and bar wrappers that are laminated with polypropylene and cannot go into single stream recycling. Upcycling them into coasters is not a final solution, but they may start conversations about environmental concerns while sitting on your coffee table.

As you can see in the photos at the bottom of this page, I 3D printed the hexagon shape (designed in Rhino), then poured liquid silicone over it, then cast the food wrappers in an epoxy resin. I tried to find an eco-friendly resin, but I was not able to acquire a small quantity in a short time. Each coaster had to sit in the mold under a pile of books for 24 hours to set. I then laser cut cork for the bottoms.

I designed the packaging in Adobe Illustrator and printed it on my school's brand new UV printer. All the text on the packaging is embossed (slightly raised).

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