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Design Dilemmas

Print Publications


[See PDF below for full catalog]


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In this course, each student created print publications around an exhibition that we wish existed. Here is an explanation from the catalog's introduction:

Design Dilemmas is an exhibition series that travels across the U.S. and examines critical moments in design history. The series will show the value of looking ahead to see the consequences of design. This exhibition asks you to consider the question: how were we tricked into paying for something we can get for free?

How we deal with the environment is the most critical issue of our time because we are at a point where every decision we make is crucial to the survival of our and every other species. This sense of urgency needs to be felt not only by politicians, but also by citizens. If we care about any aspect of the impact of plastic on the environment, we can both make changes in our own lives and spark political change. It is vital for us to not only understand the impact of plastic water bottles, but also to understand how design is the reason it has become a catastrophe. By looking at design with a critical eye, we can question what we see, what we believe, and why we act.

Visitors to this exhibition will be able to see the incredible impact that art and design can have on the world and the dangers that come along with it. This exhibition was originally going to be in the California Science Center, but while people who go to a science center already want to learn about science and the environment, people who go to an art museum do not necessarily expect to see a critical side of design. LACMA was also selected because it is located in a big city in the U.S. where American tourists and locals frequent. It is important for Americans to see this exhibition because with a president who is actively rolling back environmental regulations, the citizens of this powerful and influential country have the opportunity and responsibility to fight back.

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