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The Game of Sustainable Life


Sophomore Studio


This was my 6-week final project after a semester of working through different iterations of projects around my theme of communicating sustainability. This game is meant to shape children's behavior, which may be easier than trying to change the behavior of adults.

Based on The Game of Life, the goal is to have the lowest ecological footprint instead of the most money. Players gain and lose "footprint points" as they land on different board tiles. They also choose their house, transportation method, and volunteer opportunity, which makes their footprints larger or smaller. The footprint points are represented by bottle caps and are visualized by putting your caps in your trash can. This gives a strong visual to children that they want less trash, which means a lower footprint. The individual player pieces are made out of plantable paper. If this game was marketed, I would like the entire thing to be compostable.

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