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Syrian Refugee Teacups


Discursive Design

Speculative/critical design project using statistics to address competing narratives:

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Is your European café in need of more spontaneous political debates? If so, then these teacups are perfect for you. Serve them to your customers to bring important discussions about the Syrian refugee crisis into their afternoon coffee dates. With thermochromic ink that reacts to hot liquid and reveals competing statistics about refugees, your customers will be engaging in conversations about important, pressing issues in their countries. Maybe they will agree with one statistic and be surprised by the other, or maybe the group of people will have differing opinions. Either way, these teacups are sure to make people consider a different perspective. If you choose to purchase the complete collector’s set, you will hear debates about Muslim birth rates, refugee crime rates, the dangers of being a refugee, the possibility of refugees taking over Europe, and the amount that your specific country is participating. What better time and place to have this discussion than in your café, with friends, in the middle of this urgent time for Europeans to decide how they want to address this crisis?

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